Transforming Warehouse Solution & Experience with iWMS

SUTL Logistics & Warehousing (Third Party Logistics or ‘”3PL’”) is a leading service provider in Singapore and the region. With extensive experience in logistics, their established network and distribution channel spans worldwide, offering cost-effective, one-stop and integrated logistics solutions to help clients manage their entire supply chain.

With over 50 years of experience in supply chain management, technology and industry know-how, they have built trust and a strong reputation of reliability with their clients and partners, bringing assurance of tailor-made supply chain solutions that best meet their needs. Their diverse business partners and clients include being Singapore’s largest Nike Store Partner, British American Tobacco, Nestle, Evian and Speed Cargo Logistics.

SUTL started an initiative to automate and streamline its warehouse operations and billing. With that in mind, they have approached multiple vendors and finally chosen KEYfields.

Some of the challenges shared by SUTL are the common issues that most 3PL face:

-Lack of real time status of job

-Inventory Accuracy

-Duplication of work in customs declaration

-Manual entry of billing charges

-Paper dependent processes

-Lack of analysis reports

Apart from that, SUTL mainly distribute beverages, alcohol and tobacco and this product types requires licenses in order for them to store in the warehouse. With iWMS, there is a direct link to Tradeweb for import and export custom declaration. Users are able to perform declaration directly from the system and see any updates from the Customs. This will cut down on redundancy and speed up the processes

Once again, we would like to thank SUTL for this partnership and confidence in KEYfields.

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