Our applications are designed using Microsoft .NET technology and adopts the 3-tier design architecture. The result is a cost-effective application that can be deployed in the quickest time. The entire system is built on component-based methodology. This allows functionality to be added, enhanced or replaced quickly and modularly without affecting the rest of the system. Being dynamic to changing needs is imperative in any system.

3-tier architecture

To ensure scalability and modular control, our solutions adopts the 3-tier software development architecture.

Presentation tier

The presentation layer can be adapted to different user interfaces with little impact to the underlying business logic.

Business Logic tier

This is the control centre of the application’s functionalities, business rules and where detailed processing takes place.

Data tier

This is a repository that manages all raw data and schemas that is required to support the application.

Business Objects Library

Having delivered countless customized software solutions, we had built a library of re-usable business objects, which can be readily added into the application.
The ability to re-use these objects allows for rapid application development with proven and consistent results.