CYMS is a cutting-edge management system designed to help port and container operators achieve better container assets visibility, accuracy and measurable operating efficiency. iCYMS is a web-base system which include real-time job dispatches to hauliers and improving overall container yard productivity goals and transactional volume growth. iCYMS solution provides you with full control over your containers, operational processes and container yard resources e.g. Kalmar, allowing you to achieve optimal efficiency and improv­e performance at every step of the container storing and release process.

Beyond basic storage and release of containers, iCYMS enables the movement of containers and information through your yard seamlessly and allow redundant processes to be eliminated and hence improve productivity. Track every unit down to the lowest level of detail, including container number, lot number, container type, shipping line and location of containers by utilizing the standard Lot Configuration in the iCYMS.


  • Dispatch Management
  • Dock Management
  • Gate/Access Control
  • Maintenance Management
  • Task Management
  • Workflow Management

Container Gate-In

Container Gate-Out




iCYMS is designed using the latest Microsoft’s .NET technology. The result is a cost-effective system that can be deployed across different operating system platforms. The entire system is built on component-based design methodology. This allows functionality to be added, enhanced or replaced quickly and modularly without affecting the rest of the system. Being dynamic to changing needs is imperative in any system. KEYfields’ scalable design allows it to run on all major database engines. This enables any organization to start small and scale the system up only when the need arises. It can be configured to meet individual company specific requirements.


  • Improves Overall Planning Efficiency
  • Enhances Utilization of Yard Space
  • Maximizes Container Terminal Productivity
  • Offers Real-time Location and Status of Containers
  • Improves Decision-making with Access to Mission-critical Information






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