iCMS caters for container management for container owners to management of container assets throughout the world. CMS’s extensive features allows real time tracking of container inventories internally & externally from the depot, and location of the containers at any point in the world for container owners. Built within the system, activity charges such as repair and services billing, demurrage charges and other shipping charges allow container owners improve on the tracking, billing speed and accuracy. iCMS allows the owners to maximize the revenue output while keeping the process streamlined & transparent.


  • Account Management
  • Container Management
  • Order Management
  • Costing Sheet & Tariff rates
  • Tank Order Register
  • Optimization Logic for Putaway Rules and Allocation Rules
  • Receipt/Storing order
  • Print Equipment Interchange Receipt (EIR)
  • Bill of Lading
  • EOR and MNR
  • Gate in/Gate Out
  • Billing
  • Container P&L
  • Container Utilisation and Visualisation
  • Comprehensive Reports and KPIs

Business Work Flow: ISO Tank Transaction


iCMS is designed using the latest Microsoft’s .NET technology. The result is a cost-effective system that can be deployed across different operating system platforms. The entire system is built on component-based design methodology. This allows functionality to be added, enhanced or replaced quickly and modularly without affecting the rest of the system. Being dynamic to changing needs is imperative in any system. KEYfields’ scalable design allows it to run on all major database engines. This enables any organization to start small and scale the system up only when the need arises. It can be configured to meet individual company specific requirements.


  • Time reduction in physical transactions of containers
  • Access to accurate & real-time information
  • Reduce/eliminate human error
  • Reduction of staff handling
  • Improved customers’ service
  • Reduce variable costs such as labour cost and container detention cost
  • Optimize Capital Expenditure such as container inventory, number of trucks, yard space and equipment.  





Tank Order Register