Simplifying Picking with KEYfields iWMS WPW

In KEYfields, we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to help our customers optimize their business process.

This month we will be featuring the Wave Picking Workbench (WPW), a warehouse performance management tool that is suited for customers in high order count with low line count or low order count with high line count operations environment.

The WPW encompasses 4 sections:
1) Dashboard: A cockpit overview of each operational task category on an account level.
2) Wave Plan: a scorecard for managers to quickly identify the level of outstanding activities for each customer.
3) Order Pool: all outstanding orders (New, Allocated, Picking and Packing) in a bird’s eye view.
4) Picking Pool: a working tool for warehouse supervisors to manage the processing of orders by a set of characteristics.

Our clients have benefited greatly from the Wave Picking Workbench. In our recent implementation, one of our clients found WPW particularly useful in monitoring warehouse activities for each outlet. Another client benefited from WPW as batch picking by van helped organized and optimize order picking efficiency greatly.

In essence, the WPW is a dynamic module that provides customers with warehouse performance visibility and the tool to improve efficiency.