Simplifying eCommerce, Warehouse Operations and Last-mile Delivery with iLOGON

With the rise of all the eCommerce platforms and the COVID-19 pandemic situation, businesses have no choice but to take the leap into digitalizing their marketing platforms. This poses challenge to the transport and logistics division (insource or outsource) that are providing warehousing and distribution services to ensure that the huge distribution volume are picked and packed in the most efficient way and deliver at the shortest possible time.

In order to have a seamless flow of information from eCommerce platform to warehouse and distribution operations and right to the door steps, a Warehouse Management System and Local Distribution System that can be readily integrated with the different eCommerce platforms or a Middleware is a blessing.

KEYfields’ Warehouse Management System (iWMS) and Transport Management System (iTMS) enable businesses to manage their end-to-end eCommerce operations within a single platform. We understand that real time inventory numbers and status are crucial for any business in the eCommerce industry. iWMS can easily integrate with any Middleware or eCommerce platforms through API Webservices. Any status updates from iWMS will flow into the Middleware or eCommerce Platforms, providing real time inventory status to the end consumer. The last-mile delivery will take over the orders from the packed operations and plan, control and monitor the deliveries until POD is obtained.

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