Senko International Logistics selected KEYfields’ iWMS

Senko International Logistics, a subsidiary of Senko Group of Japan, specializes in chemical warehousing, forwarding and customs clearing. Senko manages chemical products on her customer’s warehouse in Jurong Island Singapore.

As operations expands and expectations from their customer increase, Senko requires a WMS for chemical industry to manage all activities within the warehouse from raw materials to finished goods. Automate shipping documentations such as Booking Confirmation, Packing List, Trucking Instruction and Billing function. The WMS should also be interfaced with backend SAP system of their key customer.

Mr. Ozawa, Managing Director of Senko International Logistics highlighted, “We have evaluated a few WMS solutions both international and local players. We invited our main customer to participate in our WMS evaluations and selections. Both our internal key managers and customer’s representatives are impressed with KEYfields iWMS functions such as shipping documents generations, flexible billing functionalities and experience in the setup of interface with SAP. One important consideration is, iWMS is configurable and no customizations needed to meet our requirements. Without doubts, we selected KEYfields as our preferred partner to implement iWMS in our warehouse.”

“The chemical logistics market is a specialty for us, since iWMS is uniquely designed to handle the complexity issues the industry requires. During demonstrations, it was clear that iWMS could deliver the immediate impact and ongoing scalability needed to drive growth plans far into the future. We are excited to have Senko International Logistics as a business partner. This win in Senko International Logistics has strengthened our position as a leading Chemical logistics solutions provider.” said Kenny Tan, General Manager of KEYfields.