SCIS 2021:Getting Know on Supply Chain Management Information System


In 4.0 era, most B2B companies digitalize their management operation to increase working efficiency and operational as well as cost and budget control. KEYfields helps to digitalize supply chain process and solve supply chain issue.

Nadya, KEYfields Indonesia’s Acting Country Manager on behalf of KEYfields was attending SCIS in 2021 by bringing “Getting Know on Supply Chain Management Information System” as a main topic. KEYfields, headquartered in Singapore, is a leading Supply Chain Management system provider with proven and award-winning iLOGON – iTMS, iWMS, iFMS and One Accounting solutions. Nadya presented to the audience the process flow across these solutions and the benefit of digitizing.

For more detail information, you may check on the seminar on Youtube and you can also download PDF presentation files at this link

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