POLTEKPOS signed MoU to adopt iWMS and iTMS with KEYfields

POLTEKPOS or Politeknik Pos Indonesia is a vocational institution that specialize in logistics and technology with diploma III and IV study program from Bandung, Indonesia.

POLTEKPOS signed contract for iLOGON – Warehouse Management System (iWMS) and Transport Management System (iTMS) with KEYfields Group officially on 3 September 2019 at 2.00 p.m. at POLTEKPOS campus.

Assimilated within POLTEKPOS warehouse and transportation education material, iWMS and iTMS will be used by the student as a simulation practice in POLTEKPOS Center of Technology(CoT), Logistics Supply Chain Management and E-Commerce Building complemented with certification from KEYfields for students passing with flying colors in the iWMS and iTMS.

Director of Poltekpos, Ir Agus Purnomo said that this KEYfields software integrates supply chain activities from upstream to downstream, where all the needs of companies engaged in logistics can be completed like one stop shopping. This cooperation is important for Poltekpos because it will carry out an embedded system in the field of warehouse management system (WMS) and this campus has a warehouse course. Other software will also be installed to us, namely the transport management system (TMS) which will be planted into management courses transportation.

KEYfields Founder & CEO Kenny Tan said that besides doing business in Indonesia, we are also doing our international CSR here to train future logisticians with our regional leading iLOGON solutions.

To read from Indonesia Press: https://jabar.tribunnews.com/2019/09/03/poltekpos-kerja-sama-dengan-keyfields-siapkan-sdm-bidang-logistik-40