ONE LOGON for Spiral Marine

Founded in 1993, Spiral first started in Singapore with Spiral Transportation & Service Pte Ltd to provide logistical support to the local Marine, Oil/Gas scene. As they moved forward progressively, Spiral Marine Pte Ltd (“SM”) was formed in 2003 to expand their customer service goals to ensure that each customer’s unique needs are met by. Their extensive transportation and logistics equipment of about 120 trailers & vehicles, including Heavy Transporter Hydraulic modular unit (Goldhofer) with capacity up to 640 tonnes, provide a comprehensive and holistic logistical and transportation solutions that help their customers accomplish the goals of their businesses.

As the business expands, the shrink in the availability of skilled resources in this industry take a toll in the operations. To overcome the difficulty, SM is looking for an integrated solution ranging from Transport Management to Warehousing Management and Accounting to streamline the operations business processes to improve productivity. The transport management system allows the fleet and resource to be managed and planned, job management optimizes the resources and fleet usage and billing module to speed up the invoicing. The warehouse management allows the system to issue, store, manage inventory and bill in both sheltered and open yard storage within SM’s premises. All operations’ billing transactions will be ultimately interfaced to the Accounting module.

According to Mr. KS Tan, Managing Director of Spiral Marine, “iLOGON (comprises of iTMS and iWMS) is selected because it has a huge installation base in similar industry which has been tested and proven. This is important as we want a software company that understands this industry to adopt the best practices to improve our business processes. The full integrated solutions with iTMS, iWMS and ONE Accounting from the same vendor, KEYfields, is also an important consideration as we do not have to work and coordinate with multiple parties and build interfaces.”

“Once again, we are delighted that we are awarded a contract based on our track record. iLOGON is a software that understands this industry. Our successes in numeral installations are strong testimonials for Spiral Marine. Our strategy of a ‘one-stop’ software solutions for the logistics and transportation companies with our ONE LOGON offerings will remove ‘finger pointing’ when an issue occurs in a multiple vendors implementation environment.”, commented Kenny Tan, General Manager of KEYfields.