Founded in 1994, NEK has been a longstanding player in the transportation industry and has been expanding ever since. NEK provides transportation for all kinds of heavy goods and has identified a couple of pain points in which digitalization can solve. KEYfields’ iWMS has provided multiple benefits in which NEK’s operations will be bolstered by. Some of the digitalization of KEYfields’ iTMS includes:

– Multi Location/Site Usage

– Job and Project Management

– Job Controlling and Assignment

– ePOD

– Billing configuration and Invoice Generation

– Fleet and Driver Management

– Track & Trace

– Driver’s Incentive

– Multiple Comprehensive Reports  & KPIs

With the current pandemic going on, there are many great incentives provided by the government for digitalization. So, if you are interested in our Transport & Logistics suite of solutions, please do not hesitate to email us at for more information!