Looking Back 2021: Time for The World to Rise Up Together 2022


Almost two years have passed and most of us have somehow immune to the COVID-19 situation.

Government policies in most countries are ‘encouraging’ businesses to change the modus operandi of the past to technology-driven operational and business processes, especially in the business-to-customer supply chain process which need to be adjusted to strict health protocol rules. In Supply Chain, logistics and retail companies are competing to improve their delivery processes to avoid physical interactions. Many companies has started their journey during the pandemic to adapt and adopt innovative ways to rebuild their business model. In this era, companies that digitalize are likely to cruise along well with the changing business landscape. 2022 is a year that would be a leap for companies to raise their business activities again with new strategies and new business skills.

Looking Back 2021, KEYfields’ major achievements includes strengthening iLOGON integration with major eCommerce platforms, deepen integration with robotics automation and AI,  make inroads into local distribution and courier segments, secure more MNCs and mega projects. We have sponsored and participated in ITAP/LogiSYM which is one of the largest Automation and Supply Chain exhibition and conference physical events of the year. Last but not least, to the stakeholders of KEYfields, once again we recorded the best-ever sales result in 2021. Bravo to the team!

A Big THANK YOU to all our new business partners and KEYfielders who joined us this year and our existing business partners and loyal KEYfielders who have supported us all these years. Without your constant support, we would not have the opportunity to serve and grow together with you!

A Great 2021 for KEYfields Group indeed!

May the pandemic end soon and look forward to a bullish 2022! Time For us to Rise Up Together!