Liquid Bearer iWMS Go-Live

Liquid Bearer is a logistics solution provider in Singapore. They provide an end-to-end logistics solution for their clients, services such as Warehousing Storage & Distribution, Custom Clearance or Permit Declaration, Contract Logistics and many more.

Liquid Bearer implemented iWMS to manage their warehouse operations to improve the efficiency and visibility in their day-to-day operations. All operational information are now digitized in a centralized location making it easier to plan and allocate resources in the warehouse from a holistic approach.

Liquid Bearer’s operation has seen tremendous improvement in inbound & outbound operations as well as inventory accuracy. The directly link to Tradeweb for import and export customs declarations has cut down on redundancy and speed up the processes. iWMS also provides the management with a clearer view of the day-to-day warehouse operations with KPIs and reports readily available. Allowing them to make decisive decisions immediately.

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