KEYfields’s iReCORD Kicks Off for Vital Role in Singapore’s Crane Safety

In conjunction with National Work Safety and Health Campaign 2016, Singapore Crane Association (SCA) has partnered with KEYfields to set up iReCORD – a national database to track the crane operator’s experience level and their safety track record in collaboration with Work Safety and Health Council, Ministry of Manpower and SPRING Singapore.

With KEYfields’s iReCORD, Employers would be able to select the candidate needed to operate a similar tonnage of crane based on crane operators’ experience and training received. This registry will serve as continual training program to ensure that crane operators are adequately trained and enhance the overall safety performance of all crane operators. Crane operators will also be able to tap on iReCORD platform to showcase their work experience and relevant skills and safety records to potential employers. This will help to increase the employability of crane operators in the long term.

Looking forward in future, Singapore Cranes Association, with strong support from relevant government agencies, aims to mould iReCORD into a platform to renew operator’s license

Jimmy Chua, Chairman of Singapore Crane Association, said “The iReCORD will represent as the foundation to establish industry credentials of crane operators. The integrity and credibility of iReCORD data- with inputs from the respective government agencies and system setup by KEYfields, will allow the team to achieve an impact on the crane industry safety”

Kenny Tan, General Manager of KEYfields, commented “We would like to thank SCA for selecting KEYfields as part of the iReCORD team. This project is a milestone for the crane industry especially for the operators. The operators are handling an expensive and a dangerous equipment who can cause great tragedy if not handle properly.

The implementation of iReCORD is not from ground zero. It is part of KEYfields’s iTMS Resource Management module. iReCORD is only the beginning for the crane industry. We already have plans to automate the other aspects such as Job Management, Fleet Management and etc. at a later phase. “