KEYfields to Join Indonesian’s Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2021: Being more Familiar with Supply Chain Management System

Nadya, Country Manager of KEYfields Indonesia, joins and will become on of the speaker for Indonesian’s SCIS 2021 ( Supply Chain Innovation Summit) on next June 12, 2021. SCIS is supply chain annual event where expertise gather to discuss innovative ideas and projects from different organizations. This event is held by ISCEA Indonesia (The International Supply Chain Education Alliance). 

The first SCIS was held in 2020 and it was a big success. There were 20 presenters who come from various industries which attracted 300 attendees. It is a big step ahead for KEYfields Indonesia to not just educate attendees with supply chain management system but also to represent the role of KEYfields in Logistics and Supply Chain industry in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and innovation. 

Do join us at SCIS 2021. All the discussion sessions will be updated in ISCEA Indonesia YouTube channel: