KEYfields iTMS to lift Denzai’s heavy operations


Recently acquired by DENZAI Group, Huationg Inland Transportation Service Pte Ltd(HTI), one of the biggest Heavy lifting & Heavy Transportation provider in Singapore with a huge fleet to support their operations. Denzai is one of the region’s leading provider supporting several industries like oil and petrochemical, shipping and marine, transportation and logistics.

To further improve on their business local and regional operations, Denzai teams up with KEYfields’ to digitize their processes with objectives to enhance visibility and efficiencies. iTMS functionalities include capturing of sales quotation to creation of job orders, job tracking, incident management and management of heavy vehicle activities to billing and interface to SAP. The system provides a centralized storage of information along with visibility of operations. The flow of information streamlines operations, reduces manual processes and increases productivity and improve decision makings with comprehensive reports. This process redesigns also seeks to provide Denzai with the capabilities for the management to have visibility to make decisions by identifying bottlenecks and incidents that are occurring on the ground.

According to Mr. Jimmy Chua, Executive Chairman & CEO of Huationg Holding Pte Ltd, “KEYfields is the industry leader in providing digitalization solutions for transport management of heavy equipment and project jobs. After Denzai’s acquisition, the new team has revamped old practices and sourced for a solution to bridge current operational pain points. I am glad my team has evaluated and selected the best fits solution not only for Singapore but also to roll out to the region in due course.”

“I would like to thank Denzai’s evaluation team for selecting KEYfields. We look forward to a long-partnership journey ahead as we digitalize Denzai’s regional operations with iTMS, commented Mr. Kenny Tan, CEO of KEYfields.

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