KEYfields iTMS has extended to handle Last-Mile Delivery

KEYfields is delighted to announce that we have added last-mile delivery functionalities to iTMS. iTMS is currently used by container haulier, mobile, crawler and lorry crane transporter and local distribution fleet to automate their transport operations.

Organizations with last-mile delivery operations are faced with an increasingly competitive marketplace. In addition to be a key to customer satisfaction, last mile delivery is both the most expensive and time-consuming part of the shipping process. According to research, it can make up 28 percent of a shipments total cost.

KEYfields iTMS solution can help logistic planner to analyze the most efficient use of resources while producing the most economical routes. You can reduce planning and order lead times, boost delivery efficiency and service profitability by using our algorithmic route optimization technologies. Don’t be shy to contact us and you will be able to optimize your complex logistics operations and get more flexibility in vehicle movements with our most advanced iTMS solution!

KEYfields iTMS Route Planning Workbench