KEYfields iTMS eases transport workloads in LF Logistics

LF Logistics is the supply chain partner of choice for companies looking to sustainably grow in Asia. LF Logistics network spanning Greater China, ASEAN, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, and Indian subcontinent provides LF Logistics with a strong “home court advantage” in this culturally diverse and economically active region.
With the new facility at Bulim running at almost full capacity, the transport division has been struggling to cope with the increase in transport volume, approximately in excess of 1,000 TEUs per month. A tested and robust Transport Management system is urgently needed to ease the operations backlog. LF Logistics requires a system to speed up and optimize the transport fleet and drivers, job management, driver’s incentive, interface with PSA FEDI to billing. The transport management system allows the fleet and resource to be efficiently planned and managed, transport jobs to directly integrated with billing module, rebates from PSA to be interfaced directly and the driver’s incentive to be readily calculated and available.
“Once again, we are delighted that we are awarded a contract based on our track records. iLOGON is a software that understands the transport industry and more importantly are able to handle huge transaction container volume. The project was an intensive one as LF Logistics wanted it to be implemented in one month. I am glad that we delivered in one month as promised and help to ease off the backlog asap.”, commented Kenny Tan, General Manager of KEYfields.”