KEYfields Group Goes to College : Opportunities & Challenges for The Logistics & Supply Chain Industry


Jakarta (4/10), KEYfields Country Manager, Nadya was invited to be a Guest Lecturer by the Logistics Management Study Program of the STIAMI Institute, represented by the Head of the Logistics Management Study Program at the STIAMI Institute Mr. I Nyoman Purnaya, ST, MBA at the Generale Stadium Event. On this occasion, the topic of discussion was “ERP Applications: Opportunities and Challenges for the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry”.

In addition to introduce the Supply Chain Management System to students, Nadya gave a presentation on the role of KEYfields in the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry which emphasizes effectiveness, efficiency and innovation and also provided an in-depth material explanation of what roles KEYfields iWMS / iTMS can play in fully supporting operations in warehouse and transportation, as well as providing systems that make processes in warehouse and transportation more organized and systematic.

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