Introducing our guest speaker!

We are pleased to introduce our guest speakers, Chief Executive Officer of Huationg Holdings Pte Ltd, Jimmy Chua and Managing director of United Logistics and Distribution Pte Ltd (ULD), Benson See in our upcoming seminar with Honeywell! Come and join us to hear from Jimmy and Benson their experience of iLOGON and how they use iLOGON to steer the operations towards increasing their companies’ bottom line.

Here is some information on what Jimmy and Benson will be presenting about during our two-day seminars in Oct 15th and 22th, 2019 respectively!

Presenter: Jimmy Presentation Title: How iTMS revved up Huationg’s transport operations?

Presenter: Benson See Presentation Title: How iWMS benefitted ULD’s business operations?

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[Theme – Your Journey Towards Smart Logistics]

15 Oct 2019, 9.30am-12.30pm iTMS

22 Oct 2019, 9.30am-12.30pm iWMS