Goldin Shipping goes Full Digitization with iTMS

In line with the current trend of digitization, Goldin Shipping has re-engaged KEYfields to re-design  to fully digitize and bolster its transport operations. The following process flows were re-design to improve efficiency and increase productivity. Some of the key benefits are of iTMS are:

  • Digitization of different business operations to allow employees more flexibility in managing critical items & be more knowledgeable in handling operations systematically. Majority of the manual work will be guided by iTMS.
  • Reduce ‘red tape’ by integrating operations, accounts, billing, and different sites with an integrated iTMS. This integration will reduce duplicate efforts.
  • iTMS also helps to maintain Goldin Shipping customer base and relationships by providing real time data and information, allowing for more clarity in its operations.
  • Job Upload template for container trucking and transshipment are shared to customer to place an order.
  • Deployment of ATOM mobility to manage loose cargo orders
  • Finally, iTMS allows for more to be done with less, helping Goldin Shipping take on more volume.