BRING Logistics brought in KEYfields iWMS and iFMS to accurately track, manage and monitor their freight shipments and warehouse cargo. KEYfields’ iLOGON allows BRL to:
-Track and Monitor Key Information for shipments and warehouse orders
-Effectively retrieve and view warehouse and shipments information
-Manage freight and warehouse operations.

iLOGON brings process improvements to areas such as:
-Inbound and Outbound process are more efficient with Real Time Updates
-Inventory management is more organized with categorization of zones.
-Inventory accuracy and order fulfillment has improved significantly

With both warehouse and freight services now digitized, BRING Logistics operations can now do more with less resources and the speed to service their customers has improved customer service level. Their one-stop range of services will also enjoy smoother transactions.
We thank BRING Logistics for their trust and support!

For more information on how your company can implement an Integrated Warehouse Management System & Freight Management System please contact us at info@keyfields.com or visit our website at www.keyfields.com.